(The matriarch of Killer Whale family, Orcinus orca, and a young Elephant Seal, Mirounga leonina)
Baie Américaine, Possesion Island, Crozet archipelago
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (2000)
It's the beginning of the spring, and the Elephant Seal females have given birth to babies since a few days. The presence of youngs Elephant Seal on the shore attrack a lot of predators.
Therefore, Killer Whales are coming often on the bay. They are waiting for a young unwise too much near of the water.

This picture show a magical time of animal survey. The young Elephant Seal is safety on the shore, and a Killer Whale come landing on the sand, just behind him.
If the Elephant Seal was closer to the water, the Killer Whale should catch him, using the "intentional stranding" hunting technique.
The predator and the prey have stay their several long minutes, to look both.
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