Favorite Subjects :
Birds, and more particularly those of the alcidae family (coastal species which nest on sea cliffs and "fly" underwater to catch fish), for example Razorbills, Puffins or Guillemots.

The Animal that I dream to photograph :
Atlantic Puffin

The places which make me dream :
Polar Territories

My Camera :
Canon EOS 40D

My Lenses :
Canon EF 400mm f5,6 L
Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5,6mm
Canon EF 28-70mm f2,8 L
Canon EF 50mm f1,8
Canon EF 20mm f2,8

However far I remember it, I was always fascinated by wildlife and photography.
But it's really in 1999, when I bought a reflex camera for my wintering on Crozet archipelago that I began to make real wildlife photographies.

During 14 month (from november 1999 to february 2001) in a small Island of the southern ocean, I was studying invertebrates and plants as scientist volunteer for the french polar institute (Biosol program).
For the opportunity, I had bought a Canon EOS 50E camera, with two lenses : Canon 28-105mm and 75-300mm. A third one came quickly, a Canon 20 mm lens.
On Possession Island, a pebble of 10km on 15, the subjects to be photographed were incredibly numerous (pengins, albatross, seals, killer whales, ...) and I took advantage of the experience many other photographers.
On the spot, we had a laboratory and all the required products, it's was great to learn development and edition of slides and black and white photographies.
I came back from Crozet with plentyful of great memories, 2100 slides, and many Black and Black photographies.

I finally left my film-based camera in 2006, for a Canon EOS 400D.

Today, the passion for wildelife photography is intact, and the major part of my photographies are taken with a 400mm lens and a Canon EOS 40D.