Don't touch !
(Northern Giant Petrel, Macronectes halli)
EOS 50E, 300mm f5,6
Baie Américaine, Possesion Island, Crozet archipelago
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (2000)
Giant petrels earn their name. The Northern Giant Petrel is 3–5 kg (6.6–11.0 lb) and 150–210 cm (59–83 in) across the wings. They superficially resemble the albatross, and are the only procellarids who can equal them in size.

Giant petrels are highly opportunistic feeders, they can feed on land as well as at sea. On land they feed on carrion, particularly that of seals and penguins. They are also capable of killing other seabirds, even those as large as an albatross, which they kill either by battering them to death (most commonly chicks of other species during the breeding season) or drowning. At sea they feed on krill, squid and fish, often attending fishing fleets in the hope of picking up offal.

Macronectes comes from the Greek words makros meaning long and nektes meaning swimmer. Also Petrel is derived from St. Peter and the story of his walking on water as they appear to run on the water when they take off.
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